Neurogenesis and neuroanatomy of Brachionus

Because rotifers are transparent, they are highly amenable to advanced imaging techniques. There is still a great deal left to be discovered about the neurogenesis, neuroanatomy, and neurobiology of Brachionus rotifers! 

Hairpin chain reaction in situ hybridization labelling of gene expression of Pax 6 (magenta) and Eve (green) in an embryo of B. manjavacas. Nuclei are labelled in blue. 
Nervous system and muscles in the brain, jaw, and gut of female B. manjavacas. The brain of B. manjavacas is composed of approximately 200 cells. Immunohistochemistry: green – anti-acetylated alpha-tubulin, red – anti-FMRFamide, magenta – phalloidin staining of muscles, blue – nuclei. 
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