Left to Right: Aksel Jensen, Kate Allcock, Alyssa Liguori, Kristin Gribble, Haiyang Feng, Sovannarith Korm

Kristin E. Gribble

Associate Scientist

Aquatic ecologist broadly interested in molecular mechanisms and evolution of life history strategy, aging, and transgenerational inheritance.

Email me:

Phone: (508) 289-7194

Haiyang Feng

Postdoctoral Scientist

I’m currently working on developing genetic manipulation tools in the monogonont rotifer. My general research interests are cell cycle regulation, developmental and cell biology, and invertebrates evolution.

Email me:

Phone: (508) – 289 – 7731

Sovannarith Korm

Postdoctoral Scientist

I am interested in using different animal models to understand human diseases in hopes of discovering cures. I am currently using marine invertebrate rotifers combined with cellular, biochemical, and microscopic approaches to study the maternal age effects on offspring healthspan and lifespan.

Email me:

Phone: (508) – 289 – 7731

Alyssa Liguori

Postdoctoral Scientist

I’m interested in understanding the mechanisms of acclimation and adaptation to rapidly changing environments in marine invertebrate populations. In the Gribble Lab, I am using experimental, genetic, and bioinformatic approaches to determine the mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in rotifers.

Email me:

Phone: (508) – 289 – 7717

Kate Allcock

Research Assistant

My thesis in graduate school studied the spatiotemporal variation in patterns of genetic diversity, structure, and life history across Zostera marina meadows in North Carolina. I currently work at the Marine Biological Laboratory as a Research Assistant, where I apply this knowledge of population genetics to explore the biology of aging, maternal effects, life history, evolution, and ecology using rotifers as a model system.

Email me:

Phone: (508) – 289 – 7887

Aksel Jensen


I am a senior in highschool, attending WPI in the class of 2026 and am interested in going into either computer science or some branch of engineering. I worked on creating this website.

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Phone: (774) – 392 – 0188

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